Friday, January 09, 2009

The One Where I Wonder What It's All About

I have my own ugly recliner, an authentic LayZBoy. (Unofficially, this makes me a guy.) For the last 30 minutes I've been lying here in the recliner in the dark, listening to the sound of the traffic, the furnace and the snoring cat.

The Steven came home surly from work in the virtual mines and after much coddling he sullenly headed to bed, so it's just me, the cat, and eight ounces of lonely merino. It could be worse. Much worse. The relative silence is nice.

As this is a date with myself I went to the fridge and, like any faded old bombshell, whipped out the favorite Bulgari Tea Vert cologne and had myself a hit. Here I am: alone in the dark, in pajamas, looking at the ceiling, smelling fantastic. (This magic stuff is a direct call-back to sometime prior to the 20th century when fragrances became gender-specific. If Chandler Burr declares it sublime, who the hell am I to disagree? The link above is Burr's story to how this scent crept into this bottle and it's unexpected success.) The seaglass green flask lives in the refrigerator door, next to the mayonnaise and nail polish. Dang: this stuff even smells twinkly.

The lunch hour today was spent in the midwinter sunshine of the Jupiter Garden, plying a colleague with Jupiter's latest stout and discussing federal grant restructuring in the upcoming administration and the trickle down in the UC System. The beer helped pass the time as we tried to agressively bore the socks off each other with Administrative Speak. Hell hath no fury like an accountant with misplaced overhead, apparently.

So. Here we are; alone in the dark at the end of the day at the end of the work week.
Let me give you something pretty to take the edge off this dark night: Here's a curious little film previously posted on Le Divan Fumoir (a curated collection of beautiful design). I love this film, right down to the little fox hat and the color of the childrens' cheeks.

Well, that's about it for me tonight. Sleep well, 'Possums.


catmum said...

Love your posts...easy to picture it all. I loved that Sigur Ros piece myself. Here's another of theirs you might like, there are days I feel just like this:

Little Sister said...

Thank you, Madame L, for the wonderful and yes, curious little film.

There is something quite soothing about a date with oneself...I usually listen to Tori Amos, sip a nice red and give myself a manicure...mmmmm, goodnight, dear.

Mnmom said...

I haven't had a date with myself in far too long. If I did, I'd listen to O Mia Bambino Caro and full blast while wearing pjs and eating coffee ice cream.