Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the wheel, the wooly embryo photos and Misc. Darling.

All the way from LimeGreenJelly in the UK, now plied, sopping wet and hanging on the stairs, 4 ounces of straight merino. Absurdly easy to spin, which is nice when one can't sleep.
A whopping eight ounces of Fat Cat's alpaca/merino/silk. Plied and finished. Eight ounces (200 grams) looks like a lot of yarn, currently located in the bowl on the dining room table. Halfway through the bobbin exploded, jamming up the wheel's mechanism and causing a lot of very bad words.

The latest purchase (this morning), a rare un-custom order:
Fat Cat's eight ounces of merino, superwash. I couldn't resist the colors. Ginny is a flipping color genius.
Franklin Habit has knit mittens for his niece Abigail. I love the way Franklin writes and this particular piece is very funny and the photos are priceless.
Some darling Welsh knitter on Ravelry has posted up a “project”: her incredibly hot husband; a shoulders and back view, wearing only a modern kilt, socks and big black boots.(I’d link to the photo here, but I haven’t cleared it with either the subject or the generous knitter.)

The photo and project description has gone viral and if you see a knitter today in a dazed state of lustfulness, that’s why. Needless to say that thumping noise you hear is yours truly bangin’ my head against this desk.

Some humanists might call this objectification and exploitation of another being, but most partners end up being projects anyway.

UPDATE: After dragging the site to a crawl, The picture had to be taken down and was replaced by an image a cranky guinea pig in a plaid scarf. Still quite fetching.

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