Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Now that I can think of other things

  1. Berkeley Bowl Turkey Chili kicks ass to say nothing of their sushi. Damn. Those people know food.
  2. Shoppin' for a new toaster. Love toast; don't want to spend $200 on the metal box that inevitably will blow the fuse and be garbage in 6 months. (Why do toasters always fail? Toast is the momma of food. Toast is the hug, the haiku, the clean floor on a hot day. Yes. Toast.)
  3. You know that dream where you are trapped in a dive of a hotel and are trying to find 1) your room 2) your pants and 3) a way out? And how it usually goes is that the rooms become increasingly decrepit and the hallways confusing and concierge is passed out? That was last night. The last room looked like an 1890s outhouse before I climbed out of those sweaty sheets and looked at the sky for a good long while. Nothing can clear the mind like some stars. Never did find my pants. Anyone?

1 comment:

Ben-Bob said...

Nope, sorry, don't have your pants....