Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is it Thursday?

This would be the third day off work with this this cold. Yesterday was spent in bed with regular shots of Nyquill to knock my ass out. Today I made it to the office but turned around and left when the ceiling wouldn't remain still.

It's not warm here; it's almost hot. Wife beater, frizzy hair and pajama bottoms hot. 75 degrees in the treehouse hot, which according to pale blue people is quite warm enough, thank you.
Also the fever spikes might be causing me to sporadically discard clothing.

The three glorious kids next door have serenaded Shred and I from the deck with Perse's new "Ducks in the Pond" song. There was choreography which included their nanny's new barky little dog Treasure. (Did I mention the nanny renamed herself Heaven last week?)

Latest thing to piss me off: single missing handknit socks.


Melinda June said...

I want to create a new company called You could go online, pick your type of flu (stomach, cold, both) and then you'd get sub-menus to choose from of flu-foods such as gingerale, saltines, homemade chicken noodle soup, clementines and jello. Your selections would be paxed in a box with tylenol/nyquil/vicks/immodium/etc. and spirited to your door by compassionate delivery men and women who would give you a foot massage and put the kettle on before they left. I'll call El Ben. Perhaps you can be my first customer and the bald one will deliver the goods.

Feel better.

Mnmom said...

Mindy - you can hire me. That would be in high demand here in the land of miserable colds and flu. All that time indoors breathing other folks' exhalations!

Madame - sending all my wishes for a return to health soon. I advise OJ on the rocks, Aleve D, Mucinex, and banana or root beer popsicles. Wish I could pop over and fluff your pillows.

Little Sister said...

I have the cold and want nothing more than to sit in a Eucalyptus steam bath right now...and I think you should do the same.
Clink-here's a toast from one NyQuil zombie to another.
Mindy-Great idea.