Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Hot Time in North Beach

The Linden Lab Holiday Party was held tonight at Bimbo's 365 Supper Club on Columbus. The theme was steampunk. Any theme that puts men in kilts, lace, top hats, tail coats and goggles is a very good thing indeed. To say nothing of the women and transgendered which were deeply stunning, for the most part. One woman talked with great pride and at length about her teenage daughter robotics team. I wanted her to take me home.

It was pretty good. Any party that has shots of creme brulee is a pretty good party. Three glasses of champagne, two beers and one good waltz around the floor to Gogol Bordello "Start Wearing Purple" and now we are home and the false eyelashes are back in their cage where they belong.

San Francisco is even magic at night.

Please cross your fingers for me: Steven may be getting my damn flu/cold. If he gets it, I will be even deeper agony than before.

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