Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday Notes

Noshing: Trader Joe's freeze dried mangosteens. I've been waiting for this fruit to hit US markets for five years, and here it is albeit not fresh but pleasantly crunchy and tangy. Even the pips are edible. And a generous 1.7 ounce bag is one serving at 170 calories (not that I am counting)? Fabulous.

Interior Lust: I've found my ideal kitchen ( the "after" photos), although I don't see a pot sink, a water fountain and separate foot pedal hot water tap. It's all about the water. There is probably a bathtub just out of sight with it's own minibar.

Political Temperature: People are still inauguration giddy here.

Listening: Sabla Tolo III, Hossam Ramzy. Put this on and I dare you not to shake it. Ramzy's long-term brilliant.

Thursday Night Knitting Group: Ms. Alisha June at knitting group has taken up hand spinning and is generating some fantastically lovely chunky yarn. Alisha must be some joyous, saucy goddess who packs up her Malabrigo and takes the bus down off Olympus every Thursday evening. She makes bitchin' pate de fruit and is mind-bendingly funny.

Foodie, Pt. I: Nigel Slater has a new book!

Still Dazzled By: US Airways Flight 1549 gorgeous landing on the Hudson. Garrison Keillor even wrote a little song about it.

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Mnmom said...

I thought the before pic wasn't too shabby either! The after kitchen would intimidate me - I'd have to keep it clean and beautiful and I a messy cook.