Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fourteen Lovely Points about a Younger Brother:

Beloved Scott
  1. leaves lots of funny voice mails. After a bad day, it's even better than flowers or footrubs.
  2. arrived on the scene a full ten years after Madame L., later effectively duplicating and then reworking the bar for rebellious adolescence.
  3. has orange hair, glasses, and freckles (Remember Scooter the Muppet? He looks like that, particularly as a kid.)
  4. lives too far away.
  5. seems to forget I was ever younger than he is now.
  6. finds himself very, very funny which is true most of the time.
  7. always knows the right punchline to running gags that span decades.
  8. was always my favorite plaything and favorite date.
  9. has proven he looks better in a dress than I do.
  10. knits like a goddamn superstar. He is currently designing an armadillo.
  11. carries a handkerchief which is clean... until it's snot. Hah.
  12. is sweet enough to ask me to coach him on Best Man speeches and then delivers them exactly as he pleases when everyone is good and sloshed. Everybody in our circle loves and indulges Scott.
  13. adores an equally terribly splendid outrageous delicious woman (Our Girl Sarah).
  14. loves me without any reservations whatsoever (thus providing the reason to get up every morning, eliminating my need to procreate or remember mathematical formulae). It's a very good thing to know for certain that one is loved.
So in short, I highly recommend the younger brother situation. If one can't be a younger brother, I highly recommend that you go out and find yourself one.

UPDATE: should you need to borrow a younger brother, Scott has done recording for Librivox and you may find his work here. He reads aloud very, very well.


Mnmom said...

How wonderful! Is he the father of your recent niece?

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Naw, that'd be Mark. He's older and an entirely different box of chalk.