Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Declarations for today.

The two flowering plum trees outside our unimaginably ugly UC building are on the verge of bursting into bloom. There is about two dozen tiny bright pink popcorn explosions all around a tiny bird's nest. Optimism in vegetation.

Today's declarations:
  1. have a meeting today. I hate hate hate meetings.
  2. am stalking spinning wheels on craigslist. Esme the Ashford Traveler is so beloved, but she's slow and enough of Knitting group is getting into spinning that I'd love to have one available to them. Secretly, I am craving a Schact and the ability to understand the concept of "spinning from the fold" (don't ask).
  3. started The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society last night. Fantastic fun.
  4. have been identified by Cat Ladies in line at Safeway as an owner of an elderly cat.Oh God no.
  5. am wildly jealous of Mark in Accounting who leaves for his honeymoon in Rome in two weeks. We has a beer last week over my big map of Rome and noted all the churches with fascinating basements. He thought I was out of my skull when I told him how reservations were finagled for the Vatican Scavi Tour. (Being a lapsed Catholic I used my mother's name.) Anyone have any friends in the Holy See?
  6. up and joined Facebook yesterday. (Name used: Mme Leiderhosen) YES, I understand that the point is to use your real name, but you are the only one I am interested in. If what is behind you does not matter, why is my rear-view mirror on the floor in the back seat?
  7. found a downright bizarre soap maker.
  8. am finding the hardest part of teaching fibery goodness is explaining that the knitter or spinner will create a huge pile of unusable and unsalvageable material before they are truly satisfied.


catmum said...

Odd. I found a Bob Leiderhosen. and a society for Leiderhosen Appreciation. Where are you, dear?
and yeah, my ornamental plum tree is covered in pink popcorn too. Sigh. Winter is over too soon.

The Librarian said...

Yay for joining the Facebook fray! :)

Mnmom said...

Catmum - if you are unhappy that winter is too short you should try living in Minnesota - it won't disappoint. I for one could use some color in my landscape other than snow white, ice blue, dirty snow brown, and sky gray.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - I thought you had started some marvelous group and not a book.