Crud and Projects

  • Windstorm
  • Head cold
  • Insomnia
  • Aged mildly incontinent cat
I am willing to delegate any of these.

While I am here waiting for the Chinese herbs to kick in, a bit of project eye candy may be necessary. These are "party skeins": odds and ends bits of spinning projects all plied together. They must be mating in the closet because now they are demanding a UN seat.


Mnmom said…
Darling I've already done the head cold and insomnia for you. And our cat has urinary issues too. And it's windy as all get out here. So I guess just can't take on anything from your list. Do you have some sore elbows or something you could pass on? I'd love to help out somehow.
Little Sister said…
I have the head cold and I prefer my NyQUil knockout sleep waaay too much to take the for the cat, mmmm, no thanks.

I love the pics of the yarn...and to comment on your previous post, I too am in needof new balck Dansko clogs. My Frye boots also need a rest. You have great taste! Heh, but of course you knew that already.

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