Friday, January 02, 2009

Bouncing into 2009.

The University closes down for two weeks around the holiday to save on overhead, so I've been enjoying two stunningly fine weeks off. (Today is particularly lovely). Two weeks is about enough time to get fully used to sleeping in. It almost makes up the the pittance paid by UC.

  • Obama's cross stitch finally has a face and tie. Next shading.
  • A new pair of felted turquoise slippers are in the works as the previous ones have been reduced to shreds by sharp toenails of doom.
  • Most of the house is in order. Cleanliness is the oppressor of creative space.
  • 32 oz of misc. fibers have been spun up. And yes, that's a lot.

More notes:
  • Listening to Jane Eyre from Librivox. This version is a solo project read by an American who has put on the toffiest of British accents on the humble protagonist. Unfortunate. This may not reach the conclusion before the Obama project is completed. The death of Helen Burns is always troubling.
  • Rediscovering biscotti. Something about the crunchiness of roasted almonds borders on erotic. Anyone have any great recipes?
  • Toes: dark red, Fingers: unpolished and callused in strange ways.
  • Stroganoff with buttery noodles for dinner.


Mnmom said...

I love almonds in anything, but particularly in chocolate ice cream.

Ben-Bob said...

"Something about the crunchiness of roasted almonds borders on erotic." And the slivers. Oh, the slivers.