Friday, December 26, 2008

View to the East

Fantastic sunrise: an orange and violet affair, with some yellow thrown in over a glossy charcoal ocean.

All this wet salty beauty can leave me with breathless for great appreciation in the Divine or the Creator or the AlmightyWhatnot. Apparently the resident Buddhist is unburdened by this line of thinking. Good thing he appreciates pie and seal spotting.

Back to bed. lalalalalalala.


michaelg said...

Sun in the east over the ocean? Where are you? Did you switch coasts for a moment?

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Michael, Darling. I love your comments.
The California Coast is way major curvy and this particular house is on a pointy East facing bay. You know, I refuse to describe this further. You must come out to California someday soon and if you can bear to tear yourself from the Mecca that is San Francisco, head North on Highway One for 70 fun-filled miles and here you'll be.
Bring the quilting or you'll be forced to learn to knit or tat or macrame.
Loves, Madame L.