Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Proof that God is in Heaven and my Mum loves me:

Mum brought me my very own birthday cake today: a tiny but very tall confetti sprinkled chocolate buttermilk confection that is to die for. If you are anywhere nearby, stop by and let me feed you a slice slowly. With whole milk. It'll be divine, I promise.

Mum and I went to the Asian Art Museum today to see the National Geographic Treasures of Afghanistan Exhibit which was amazing. The second half of the exhibit were the treasures from a set of Tillya Tepe nomadic tombs, five women and one man dating, 1rst century BCE. They must have been some kind of royalty, heavily laden with a wealth of jewelry and ornamentation. As lovely as the pieces were, what would these dangling, joyous, bright, noisy baubles have sounded like when worn by these five Nomadic Afghan princesses were at their best or what the thousands of shiny flaky 24k paliettes looked like in the desert light.

Whoever these people were, their tribe loved them enough to send them trouping together into the afterlife in splendid style. Try as I might, I will never be able to describe to you the sad, astounding beauty of such a trove, so here's another wiki article. If the exhibit comes round to your area, it's worth an afternoon.

There was a New Year Eve 15 ton temple bell ringing event (364 rings) going on and every few minutes the building would resound with a huge BLONG!

BART never seems to fail to amaze Mum, even if I did have to steer her around most of the junkies hanging out at the Civic Center Station. She was greatly impressed by one gent who was playing a pretty good rendition of Ring of Fire on a broken ukulele.

- Asian Art Museum Ladies Room, First Floor, 1 PM: a Japanese lady in her sixties pats her contemporary hair into place. She is wearing a modern grey blue silk kimono, a chartreuse obi with deep red cord and a dark persimon collar. Splendid.


Little Sister said...

How lucky to spend that kind time with your Mom. I am jealous. The exhibit sounds amazing...and a Happy New Year to you, Madame L. When is your birthday?

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Hi, Sweetness. My birthday was December 22. I am either 6 or a rosy 98 years old. Depends on the moment.