Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Party Prep for The Fiber Broads

The chicken is massaged and stuffed with butter and herbs, the vegetables are prepped and the refrigerator is full of Trader Joe prosecco. I am now working on a playlist and contemplating desserts. Party in the Knitting Group tomorrow!

Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video has dug up my first age related regret; I miss being able to move with that kind of ease. I miss having knees that work.

"Inside the Actor's Studio" is my favorite show. Alec Baldwin is the most recent guest although your Tivo might pick it up as "Alec Baldwin, 1995" when he was the first guest on the show with an open shirt, luxuriant shiny hair and a smashing jawline). Aside from his recent deliberate cultivation to be seen as total asshat, Baldwin outs himself as incredibly funny, wildly talented and very generous to the audience of theater students. Surprising. Delightful.

Mark Bittman makes sorbet in three minutes ;I pay attention. (

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