Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Figglety Bits.

  • Cartoonist and blogger Niemann does a brilliantbit on his coffee addiction. (
  • Tonight's plate: osso bucco with "young beef", not veal from the Temescal Farmers' Market. It's a much bigger shank and much darker in color. Braising is a godsend: tasty food made ahead.
  • Currently mid-scarf for Mindy. The blue handspun yarn has stopped fighting back.
  • Over the last month, I have spent a cummulative five hours on the phone with United Behavioral Health, trying to unfuck my mental healthcare policy. Try unfucking something. Like my darling stripper friend Dana would say, "Trying to tell me what to do is like teaching a dog to drive: It's very time consuming and it just annoys the dog." Funny girl, that one.
  • The Best Greeting Cards. Evah. (

1 comment:

Mnmom said...

I like the postal card best.
Unfucking something is always impossible if it involves insurance companies. I swear they hire people based on their fuck-up potential alone.