Saturday, December 06, 2008

Everyone loves a parade.

Hello, Darlings.

As previously posted, something funky is lodged in my main machine and refuses to leave. I got halfway through wiping the drive before realizing that this would be the first time wiping and reformatting any sort of hardware and had to go lie down. I am about halfway through the whole stinkin' mess.

I spent Saturday down in the South Bay with Mom; she insisted we bike down to the 52nd Annual Prentiousville Parade. It was everything a small, entitled parade should be. We hung out with the nuns by the library and they patiently endured my commentary on the alluring quality of well fitting kilt hose. (Sister Mary Gene is a riot.) Parade Highlights:

  • The Cuczucca Drill Team; There is nothing like a tribe of macho Italians in wife-beaters and pajama pants wielding yard-long squashes and attempting to dance in rhythm. Here's evidence:
  • The Shriners and Knights of Columbus totaled less than ten members and the liveliest of which will never see the south-side of seventy again. Even the Camel Herders ranks have declined to the point that the members have forgone the annual public showing of the livestock.
  • There were bands of all types (bagpipe, rock & roll, and many high schools).

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Little Sister said...

The Santa hats really make the outfit, don't you think?