Friday, December 12, 2008

The Morning after 4 bottles of Prosecco

After cleaning up the delightful wreckage of having four other Fiber Junkies in the house (they all crammed themselves into the Fiber Stash room), I worked on some deadline work stuff due today until 2:00 AM.

I feel like death rewarmed, but I am very glad such a good time was had last night. So mixed with the fury I feel towards the Department that wants it all/wants it now, I am going to power on through the rest of the day and with any luck will get these beasties out the door without too much effort.

Speaking of Beasties, the item to have this season is fornicating reindeer mittens. This pair is particularly splendid, with a detailed palm and handspun yarn.

I wish y'all lived closer. I'd love to throw a party just for the Superhero Bloggers.

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claire said...

I was there in spirit (and I'm not so far after all...100+ miles) But I too have stuff to do today, windows that must be cleaned right now!!! for the rich massahs coming into town for a weekend in their other home)

and yup, I want these mittens too; these are a gorgeous version, love the color scheme