Wednesday, November 12, 2008

News from Iceland

How cool is this in the news today? 11th century spindle fragment found in Iceland.

Alone, this is no big deal; evidence of spinning has been found dating as far back the Upper Paleolith Era 20,000 years ago. (Cursing was invented shortly after spinning.)

In fact, if it weren't for sheep with the mental equivalent of stale graham cracker crumbs and spinning, the human race wouldn't have thawed out enough to evolve to type endlessly on these pretty boxes with lights. At any rate the whining about how "wool itches" allows me years worth of time to not knit socks for the unenlightened. Okay, on with this history lesson.

If there is a dig going on anywhere on the planet what is unveiled often includes spindle parts. Broken pots, phallic effigies, spindle bits. Much like Casa del Leiderhosen.

But this green sandstone spindle is special; it has runes engraved on it, determining rune and written language use in this area and timing...blah, blah, blah.

So what does the writing on this fragment say? "Thórunn owns me."

The Bits and Pieces

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