Thursday, November 20, 2008

Monty Python's Flying Commercial

Monty Python: the only thing Mix and Scott might unswervingly agree upon, other than they both find me utterly adorable.

(Poking Scooter: Congratulations on the new promotion! Give our best girl a kiss for me. BTW: Da is v. grumpy about Obama.)

Having exhausted charity knitting for babies and preemies, I am embarking on a new challenge: Knit for Mindy. Ms. Melinda June is one of favorite bloggers She has recently escaped the UK, fully degreed, and is headed for Chicago in Winter. Semi-devious plans are in the works for making her at least a hat and scarf so she doesn't freeze mid-move.

If you are acquainted with the lady in question -I have never met her, but still live in hope- and can suggest a fetching shade of blue or just randomly run across some rampantly silly hat (but wearable) pattern, I would love to see what you'd suggest or what would amuse you.

Oh, Feh and goddamn! Crown Mountain Farms has gone and added more colors to their standard roving and to their colored roving named after American Songs. Bugger.


kirelimel said...

So excited was I over your challenge I went straight away to seek out my best knit hats for Mindy- I've posted photos on my blog-

Tell me what you think!

michaelg said...

I too have taken up the challenge on my blog. Knit away!
Your word verification today is: gaftonat. I don't know what it means, but I like.

Melinda June said...

I'm giddy to a) be receiving a new hat, and b) to be the center of attention. Yay ME!!!! Thanks!

Oh. And my word verification is "warpoop"