Monday, November 03, 2008

Lost: Dignity with one blue foldable loaned umbella

Fuck. Left the Steven's loaned collapsible umbrella at the bus stop. Again. fucketyfuckfuckfuck.

My favorite bus driver/oracle Phillip says the election will be okay and that I am not to worry. I love Phillip. Sage of the QN podcast has let loose with this.

The Amazing Freda cut my hair on Saturday. Three enormous and enthusiastic dogs (Angel, Sophia and Barnabas) clotted her in-apartment salon. Angel, the only permanent salon resident, lounged elegantly on the leather couch and stared with embarrassment into the horizon as Sophia worried the corner of the Everlast punching bag and Barney rolled in the discarded red flakes of human hair. It's a good haircut; the back edges were getting an aging metal-head vibe and we are just not going to go there. No.

And now we are going to close with this Sleeping with Cat video, nicked from catmum's blog.

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Mnmom said...

and THAT is why I buy cheap umbrellas and make the cats sleep in the garage.

Never thought I'd ever need a sentence like that.