Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Knitting related injury

On the way home from work yesterday an abrupt stop at Claremont and College pitched me six feet down the aisle of the bus. When I got to my feet I looked down to see one the double pointed needles for the gloves I'd been knitting was still in my hand, but in a rather different position. The business end was 5 mm deep into the palm side of the index finger. I had to have the stranger sitting next to me yank the damn thing out.

My knees are jammed, but otherwise I'm fine. The hole is a pretty clean puncture and I've had a tetanus shot last year.

Pondering hats still.


kirelimel said...

I hope you're doing better- that sounded terrible! Where is Dr. Ben Bob? surely he would make a housecall!

Ben-Bob said...

Are you okay? Have you had it looked at? Please tell me you've had it looked at. Do I need to come over there with sutures and my nifty wound irrigation kit?

Mnmom said...

Holy Cow! Be sure to clean that thing, and soak it. Punctures are nasty in a thousand different ways.