Wednesday, November 05, 2008

How Cool is This?

For those who have been in my bathroom you will recall (other than the door takes some finagling to close) the only ornamentation is a pair of crosstitch samplers using some very salty language. If my mother shows up with one of her Catholic nun friends in tow, she bolts for the loo right out of the front door and we find the samplers two days later stuffed behind the mouthwash.

The designer of these treasures and other brilliant creations is Julie Jackson of Subversive Crosstitch. Ms Jackson was one of the very first to take a firm hold of the gentle home ec arts and twist them until they screeched, satisfying many an angry bicraftual. None of them are difficult and take very little time and one does feel a very strange sense of accomplishment x-ing in some naughty words.

Her site is a scream (although I still miss the originals she created as therapy for a very hostile work environment: Elaborate recreations of saccharine floral motifs with a foul word right in the center). She sells kits, the more complete kits and the brilliant Subversive Crosstitch Book. Her Christmas selection can't be beat.

So here's the thing: Julie has created a crosstitch chart of the Shephard Fairey Obama poster to be included as an incentive with every purchase while supplies last.

Here's a link to Shepard Fairey's site (he has new posters).

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