Monday, November 24, 2008


What do you do when you get something like this in your work email inbox?

"UCPD will be giving a presentation on 'Tools to Survive an Active Shooter' complete with a question and answers segment with the experts about proven strategies they recommend you do in order to survive."

Last year a disturbed grad student broke into a professor's office and started bashing out the windows with a hammer. Workshops and on-call therapists were available to anyone traumatized by this event that occurred. The student remains in a psychiatric facility to this day.


michaelg said...

Ooooh. How exciting. If none of the strategies includes firing the first shot or making a human shield of your slowest co-worker, you need to ask the question.

Mnmom said...

On Nov. 1st, 1991 a graduate student at the University of Iowa shot and killed and wounded many professors and other students. I knew the shooter - he was my best friend's office mate.