Monday, November 24, 2008

Berkeley, Hats

The Hats for Mindy project
Both Kirsten and Michael G have selected the same hat: Mindy is still mum on if it appeals to her (although she has declared her dislike for cats).
Not one but two patterns were created by knitteratti unwilling to spend $165 for a hat:
How fuckall cool is that?!

See Mindy's comment below; she is throwing herself under the bus of our collective taste. She declares the choice to be ours. (This is the other hat I am considering, brought to you the badasspunk knitter herself StaceyJoy of Brooklyn) MJ'll probably end up with both at some point. What she did demand was blue. Of which there are a billion and a half variations. Ideas? Analogies? Poetic nonsense of which to choose?

My grocery store the fantabulous Berkeley Bowl makes a guest appearance on my favorite NPR podcast ever: RadioLab from WNYC and the hosts get trapped in the massive apple aisle. Righteous!


Melinda June said...

Mindy LOVES the hat, and she also likes the puffy pimp hat MG suggested (not the eyeball one), and the one you emailed me last week with the long ties. I thought I should remain silent though, and let the general public (and the chief knitter) decide my fate.

Mnmom said...

I vote the peasant hat, in Norwegian blue.