Sunday, November 23, 2008

7:58 PM Sunday Evening Update

  • Tricky cabled bits on mum gloves (L & R) finished; First part of trash audio book completed.
  • Steven returned from his week-long retreat at the zendo... exhausted and with the teacher's cold. I might as well go put my Leiderhosen back on.
  • The seasonal hair issued fixed with 1/2 c. coconut oil and 2 hours of seclusion, toes painted blackish red.
  • A Christmas party invitation received: the theme is steam-punk. I'll be down in the basement digging out the fetish boots and gas mask until a better idea turns up.
  • On the wheel: sumptuous multicolored alpaca; I think the artist called the colorway Venice.

1 comment:

Mnmom said...

You should live in Minnesota where you can knit all kinds of wonderful hats and mittens and sweaters, and folks with USE them.