Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Short Happy Life

Yesterday evening I dodged to Palo Alto for dinner with the Amazing Ms. Ordover of Craftlit and Master Aiden. (Divine experience, let me tell you. Should you ever get the opportunity to meet up with a podcaster or blogger whose work you really admire, it's so worth it. )

Somewhere around San Leandro, an Idiot boy on red racing motorcycle with matching helmet surged from the on ramp across four lanes of traffic. And wearing only a t-shirt and jeans rode prolonged wheelies down the commuter lane at sunset on a crowded rush hour.

Suddenly all the traffic merged smoothly to right, moving gracefully as far away from this complete dumbass as possible. I have always thought CA drivers to be some of the most ridiculously pigheaded ever, but now have to rethink that. It was beautiful choreography.

I sure the remaining days in this asshat's life will be filled with great foolish joy. May he go out on his own and leaves other consciences clean. Sometimes the gene pool is self cleaning.

An aside - Ms. Palin: I fail to see how you are qualified.

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