A little more Palin-Bashing

I am so happy that in this time of fiscal distress we have an election to keep us diverted. What would we do without the stereotypes to mock? Comedienne Sara Benincasa has started a Palin Vlog which is exceedingly funny.

I found this link on Judith Warner' article "Poor Sarah" NYT political blog.

Steven has drawn the line at televised statements. I am allowed to scream "Judas" whenever Libermann shows up on screen, but he draws the line at food throwing, esp. anything with salad dressing.


michaelg said…
That is brilliant.
Don't you just want to put Joe Leiberman out of his misery? He is completely lost.
Anonymous said…
Heh. Loving the Palin stuff here hehe. She's causing a stir on the Mrs. Robinson community I'm in (dang she's hot, if she'd just not talk or win or do anything that has any effect on anyone... that would be nice).

Mnmom said…
I threw some popcorn at John McCain during the debates. Have to give SP come credit - she's given us LOTS to laugh about. Tim Pawlenty would have been REALLY boring.

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