Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Dead Yet.

The sore throat turned into a cold that turned into something perfectly evil. My skull seems to have been replaced by an anvil which someone keeps pounding on.

On the upside, I've found my puppy.


michaelg said...

That bug has been hopping from person to person up here too. Nothing worse than a summer cold. Bleh. I hope the evil is exorcised with some good sleep and pleasant teas.

You MUST get a Corgi puppy. You simply must. Think of the pictures you could share with us.

Anushka said...

i have a horrible cold too, ugh. feel better.

listener15 said...

Ugh. I hate summer colds with a passion. Picture this: I had just finished my sophmore year in high school. Summer is here yay! I go to the doctor because of a cough that won't go away. Verdict: No going out at night and sleep with a humidifier... the whole summer. Now, night air still affects me when I get a little cold. So you take care of that and feel better soon!

Mnmom said...

Colds and sore throats are the worst! Hope you are feeling better soon. Lots of OJ over ice. And Aleve-D, has a decongestant in it and it's the only things that works for my midwestern sinuses.