Monday, September 08, 2008

More nudity, more yarn.

Darling Franklin. He has such great ideas. And if you want a good laugh, move onto reading the comments of the woolly and overheated.

Miss Violet of the hysterical Lime and Violet podcast may be ready to discard Sideshow Husband for a sexy bald guy with Wollmeise. And if it's Wollmeise, what's not to love?

Something breathtaking off of Etsy. I swear I am going to get y'all hooked and make you promise to buy all your Christmas Gifts from craftsy peoples.

Okay, One more Etsy item to admire. Who doesn't need sweater taxidermy?

This week's "Wait,Wait Don't Tell Me" me was recorded in a downpour in Chicago's Millennium Park. You can hear the splattering on the podcast edition. I felt parched just listening to it.

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