Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Let me explain a few things about long weekends...

Sea Ranch. This would probably the last establishment you'd expect to find us, because it's got it's own poshy-posh golf course and stables and all the million dollar vacation houses all look the same.

BUT it's on Highway 1 on the California Coast and people leave you the hell alone. I like that. But why describe this to you when there are photos?

the correct reaction to splendid solitude:
to the view out the front window

our view at sunset

Even the food at the Sea Ranch Lodge was exceptional, the wireless was free and the drinks were more than generous.

The only downside of this particular squat: Mauve. Lots and lots of bloody evil mauve. After the second dip in my own doublesized Jacuzzi tub (yes, there were two; I had my own marble tiled suite) I got over the whole 1980's decorating theme, although it did bring to mind some persistent Kenny G riffs.


It you ever have the opportunity to see the quilted work of The Appliqued Wit of Dorothy Vance (a Berkeley local), run do not walk to see it. Scroll through the photos to see the details Mom and I spent hours at the San Jose Art Museum reading and laughing our way through. Her quilts had extensive topics: unlikely surname matches, Presidents, Doctors, Artists/Thinkers/Creators names of Berkeley streets, famous people who spent time in prison. Keep in mind each of these topics had a full sized quilt of their own, most complete with rhyming verses.

Totally bang'n headache, so now to bed.
So if you are happy and you know it, enjoy it.


michaelg said...

We have to swap weekends some time. How utterly gorgeous- mauve being the only exception. I am a bum and have never visited California. Your pics are tipping the needle in your direction.

Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful pictures!