Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How happy am I?!

Golden Chanterelle mushrooms at Berkeley Bowl, 9.50 per pound. Score!
I forget where I found this recipe originally, but this is the copy I've been passing around for years so it's irreverently worded but so good.

Chanterelle Pasta

Serves 2 exceptionally greedy people or 4 people with some sense of dignity

30 minutes tops, incl. prep


1 T. butter

1 T. olive oil

½ pound chanterelle mushrooms, cleaned and cut into formidable but bite-sized pieces

1 shallot, minced

1 T. fresh sage, v. finely chopped

½ C. chicken stock

1 T. tomato paste*

2 T. cream

salt & pepper

cooked pasta for two people, (fusilli or similarly curly bite-sized pasta works well)

  1. Melt butter over medium heat and add olive oil, increase heat to medium-high.

  2. Sauté minced shallots until translucent.

  3. Add chanterelles & sage and cook for 3-5 minutes, until mushrooms are al’dente.

  4. Add chicken stock and tomato paste (can be pitched in frozen) and reduce to chicken ½ volume.

  5. Stir in cream and adjust flavor to taste with salt & pepper.

  6. Combine with pasta & serve with a bit of fresh grated Parmesan.

*Tomato Paste: Open the can on one end & stick it the freezer until solid, open the other end and extract the cylinder of yummy tomato paste, stick that puppy in a Ziploc bag and keep in the freezer, whacking off a bit whenever needed.


Trina said...

OMG! How did I miss the shrooms?! I was just at Berkeley Bowl today too!... oh wait, I know, I was distracted by the $3.95 for a 1lb bag of Basil. I'm going to make enough pesto to last the winter. But I'm going to have to go back and get some mushrooms now!

Emily said...

Sweet find - that's a great price! Check out our chanterelle mushroom recipe contest at MarxFoods.com - we'd love to have you enter it!