Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today's Image.

Starbucks on the edge of the UC Berkeley Campus 7:35 AM.
In the usual brigade of sleepy, sloppy students waiting for their caffeine fix, a young Buddhist nun on her way to class, shaved head, serious face and wearing very traditional Rinzai monk's garb: raksu, koromo, the lot all in shades of charcoal, and indigo blues.

But here's the kicker: she was schlepping an Angry Little Asian Girl totebag and a very hefty chemistry book. When she picked up her drink -it was a iced caramel machiatto with a high hat of whipped cream and a straw- her serious face broke apart and she beamed at the young handsome barista (who himself looks like a Raphael Sanzio's angel) who blushed.

Aside from looking utterly lovely, her clothes looked stunningly fashionable. She was breathtaking.


catmum said...

awesome, great image, love it

Mnmom said...

Wow, so many contrasting things going on there. I love when those come across my radar screen.