Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sunday Morning Notes

  • Excellent lunch at Sugar, Butter, Flour in Campbell yesterday. This bakery did our oldest brother's wedding cake (the day we sampled -all seven of us- was one of the major highlights in family history). We had Croque-Monsieur (or a "crunchy mister" or in pure Idahoan "a really good ham and cheese") on really divine brioche eaten outside in summer sunshine with endless glasses of ice tea. Mom loves to people watch.
  • I am on the fourth baby hat this weekend. I cranked out a lavender cotton/modal at at Special Olympic track practice yesterday, much to the confused bemusement of the head coach Penny. The pile of hats grows.
  • Today's "awwwwww", courtesy of the NYT.
  • A headache has started behind the left eyeball.
  • The blue monster is completely imaginary; the scenario is purely cerebral gymnastics. Your affectionate blogger friend has not gone 'round the bend. Not yet. Stay tuned.
  • Steven has made me take all the yarn out of the freezer. We could not fit any ice cream in. I don't enjoy this kind of choice.
Shopping list
  1. one of those massive jars of capers. You can never have enough tiny salty green pickles
  2. oil-cured olives (pref. the ones with thyme and herbs)
  3. kosher salt/sea salt.
  4. raisins (golden? Maybe some dried cherries.)
  5. Peppercorns. It's unbelievable how much we can go through.

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