Monday, August 11, 2008

Mind Tics of Monday

  • Shred the Cat may be passing on. Or maybe it's the flea medication but at any rate, we more need more lamb baby food so I can try to coax her into eating. The heft of a sick animal is possibly the saddest weight ever. Despite our 16 years together, I am not ready.
  • Adoring Betty Fussell's memoir. She's featured in this month's Vogue at eighty years old, putting us all to shame.
  • Enormous slipper socks from Dastardly Wool are finished and now need to be felted. They are absurdly big.
  • I am not watching the Olympics.
  • I have not worn a wig, blonde or otherwise, in thirteen years.
  • Lipstick: Poppy King's Sinner: pink. Praise all!
  • Look at all the New Yorker online only content!
  • Symphony Spaces' Selected Shorts podcast this week John Lithgow reads Roald Dahl's Taste. He's wonderful, especially when reading all sides of a family argument. Shriekingly funny and the audience agreed.

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