Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All hail four pair of linen pants and a live cat in sheep's clothing.

A certain amount of contentment is contained when ordering pants online (and on sale), the box is delivered for a reasonable price and in reasonable shape and having the pants be exactly what is needed. There are so very many things I'd rather do than confront a dressing room mirror in my boxers. When all shopping experiences can be as painless and as pleasurable as lipstick or shoe shopping, I'll go back into the stores, but until then I'd rather eat a nice bowl of broken glass.

I've been pondering limericks. An under appreciated and pleasantly low form of poetry but quite tricky to get the meter to work, managing to squish the rhymes in the right spots, and most of importantly making it comprehensive and funny. Nothing kills a joke faster than having to explain the damn thing.

The cat is much improved, thanks for asking. We have reached an agreement where she'll continue to lie on my spinning fiber and all reading materials and I won't poison her again. Quite the accord.

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michaelg said...

I'm so glad kitty is well. Are you sure she wasn't just working you for the special lamb food? Kitties are clever like that.