Monday, July 28, 2008

My New Hobby

My beloved co-worker Nancy's hairdresser wasn't feeling well last week and somehow managed to wax Nancy's right eyebrow out of existence. And that's the side Miss Nancy parts her hair on.

Little known fact, Gentle Audience: Like a any good simian, I am big on grooming other people. (We will NOT speak about the state of my own hair or hygiene) Notorious for carrying around a surprising quantity of face paint, there is nothing I like more than whipping out the hairspray on an unsuspecting co-worker and patting down their flyaways.

So there's Nancita's sitting there in my office unevenly waxed, a whole empty forehead waiting for Leiderhosen to spring into action. Like a 8th grade delinquent with a can of spray paint, I am on her like white on rice. And the trouble begins. Five minutes and three products later her face is even better than it was, even when she did have a matching set of brows. I have been at touch up duty for almost two weeks now and can do a repair in less than a minute. Meanwhile in my pencil cup is a red, cheap Maybelline blonde brow pencil. (the blonde works with everybody) Madame is happy at last.


catmum said...

too cool and too funny. and yeah, I think it's the mammal in us, love to groom & be groomed.

By the way, did you see the tall ships up there? A couple of them are heading my way this week.

Melinda June said...

You are officially the most useful friend ever. When I come to SFO for a visit you can fix me.

Mnmom said...

I'm trying to picture the eyebrow fix using hairspray. How did hairspray come in to the equation?
Glad you're back!!!!

kirelimel said...

I have brows that would make Brooke Shield's look like she had alopacia...I would LOVE if someone else took them over for me. I do the sugaring thing and my darling little girls (with half my dna...) scream at the brow covered fabric when I rip it off.