Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Thoughts

Many apologies, Darlings. Minor breakdowns and bullshit, but we are not to bore you with the details.

Now for Monday Early Morning Thoughts.
  1. If only this election were over already.
  2. The Dark Knight is quite the movie. Maybe actually two movies stuck together. Heath Ledger is quite good.
  3. Five preemie hats this weekend ( a new record!) Two alpaca, two white cotton, one mystery fiber.
  4. Steven goes into retreat next Saturday for a week. Must concoct plans to amuse myself.
  5. Eddie Izzard is possibly the most divinely delicious man alive. His show at the Orpheum was fantastic. I didn't even miss him being a bloke in a dress.
  6. I have a very furry tongue. Coffee does not improve the situation. Rather like having an old manky bathmat in one's mouth.
  7. The farmers' markets here are in full swing. If you asked for a singing lef6t-handed haddock, you'd have to choose between three vendors.
  8. My online pal Ms. Ordover is coming to town in September and has asked me to amuse her! Yes!!!
  9. The eccentricities are really doing a job on me. Picking up the phone has been nearly impossible. Going outside is a little dicey too. Email is also suspect. I am trying my best, at the very least, not become a germaphobe.
  10. Pretty thing. I love NYC.
  11. Our friend Ben is funny. Really, truly funny.

My cousin Richard is visiting from Australia. Richard is my Da's age and from the same Ohio neighborhood, but is nothing at all like him. Fantastically smart, sweet, joyful, expressive almost to the point where one wants to restrain him a bit just to keep the pure velvety rays of delight from rocketing around the room. Richard was a Catholic brother for many, many years and married an amazing Aussie lady with three daughters twenty years ago. One life should always have a second act. Maybe even a third.

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Mnmom said...

I saw a wind-up walking pair of leiderhosen the other day and thought of you.