Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday Evening

I may not be able to sleep, but at least I get a great deal done. Clean floors are the best.

There is the wackiest bird tweetdilding in the oak tree outside. It sounds like:
And how can you not like an animal like that? The housebound predator is investigating and she seems certain that if I'd just take out the window screen, all would be golden.

Jessica Darling is out of town this week, doing grandma duty in Oklahoma. When she gets back, we are going experiment with Clothide's recipe for Nutella ice cream.

I was lucky enough to meet with my favorite dealer The Lovely and Illustrious Pigeonroof (otherwise known as Krista) for coffee yesterday in Temescal. We are both terribly shy, but she let me ask all kinds of stupid fawning questions. Krista was nice enough to hand off a huge bag of roving that I blew my little monetary UC award on. The colors are so beautiful no less than three people stopped me on the way home to ask what it was. Dang, that girl is talented!

Ben is almost here! Almost here!

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