Saturday, June 07, 2008

It's Saturday Morning

Special Olympics in Berkeley today and my mum is coaching. I am heading over there to give her a hand shortly and to cheer my favorite peoples.

This is our second Berkeley Games without Heather. Last year, two weeks after her death, we showed up to coach at the UC Stadium to find our entire team wearing tee shirts with her photo on it. As if we had not wept enough.

I have committed the tiny fiscal bonus from two weeks ago: the Illustrious PigeonRoof is setting me up with a special order of roving.
I am such a junkie, but she is meeting me for a beer and we make the transaction in person. How will I recognize her? She'll be the lovely broad with the ginormous box the size of Nebraska. (That actually sounded a bit dirty; I was already feeling a little aroused by the thought of roving.)

Speaking of fiber/knitting/addiction: watch this video for Steriogram's Walkie Talky Man. Awesome!

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