Thursday, June 05, 2008


On the Google feed: The Daily Puppy.
Amused/tempted by: ThinkGeeks Kitchen Gadgets . Anything but the R2D2 peppergrinder.
Musing on a poem from this week on the Writer's Almanac: A Quiet Life. An ode to the perfect egg, I love this line:
"And salt-a miracle of the first order,
the ace in any argument for God.
Only God could have imagined from
nothingness the pang of salt."

Particularly annoyed by: Asshat extraordinare Scott McClellan, who is on everyone's talk show this week. This stupid fucker, when confronted on his own guilt by association and lack of action, hems and haws and giggles uncomfortably. Did he expect some other response?
To Do List: get the bike fixed, check on the library book fine accrued.
Berkeley Eccentric Du Jour: Homeless black dude across the street from Starbucks, disrobing slowly a verbally advertising his "services".
Last purchase: a double latte, two raw sugars.
Latest Annoyance: ongoing inability to access my vocabulary.
Sending the Good Thoughts to: Michael G. who lost his Da.

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michaelg said...

Thanks for the good thoughts. I felt them all the way in Iowa. Merci, madame. :o)