Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another Frabjous Day

Parmigianino's luscious Antea is visiting the Frick. I love the Frick; it's the one place you can sit in the deep green carpet, having a long delicious mental repartee with a painting and no one calls you crazy or asks you to leave. Last time I was there a docent sat down beside me and we sat in quiet contemplation for almost twenty minutes. How could one not love a place like that?

Last weekend was spent in Big Sur. We stayed at the Ripplewood Resort which is one of those rare old motor inns (individual cabins from the 1920s) plonked down by a river next two beautiful coastal Highway One. We spent the day climbing mountains, eating pie in unlikely places, hunting for wild strawberries and watching the tops of very tall trees wave in the wind. (Photos to come.)

Witness my mum in her natural habitat. Taite's smiling these days, totally wrecking any curmudgeonly exterior:

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