Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday? Friday?

For those interested Here is the story from NPR. Five bones and they send you an mp3 of the delivered song. I figure if Ben can spend most of a decade becoming a doctor, he can bear a few more days of good wishes.

My niece (now going by a few monikers, mostly "sweet potato" but I am still trying "T'Oly") is fleshing out nicely and is actually quite beautiful. Her hair is threatening to come in the same dark red as my mum's was.

My Da made me a little plaster cast of T'Oly's hand and it's here on my desk, complete with fingernails and knuckle pleats. Da is quite enchanted with her.

I caught the *cough-useless!-cough*Admin at work trying stash a half loaf of the brioche/pecan roll in her purse. Seeing as how stupid brioche takes a carload of eggs, a ton of butter, finicky temperatures and about 6 hours from start to finish, I didn't really handle it too well.

ZeFrank: comic genius, mad-ass blogger, personal lust object. The most fascinating post yet just by cruising through the comments and see what everyone looked like prior to puberty. Egads.

It's late but there is no work tomorrrrrrrrow so I am going to go spin for a bit ("Blooming Orchid"...merino??) so y'all behave or at least sleep well afterwards. - Kisses. Madame


kirelimel said...

Stealing treats is just not cool. I hope you made her feel small and insignificant, but in a nice way.

Enjoy your free day- I'm about to enjoy two days ALONE-husband and offspring are going to his Mom's for the weekend - I intend on reading in silence for hours on end.

Mnmom said...

I called my last baby "little cheeseburger" for quite awhile, and for no good reason. I love baby hands and baby feet for that matter. So small, so sweet smelling.