Thursday, March 20, 2008


Happy Spring, particularly for those in frozen places. Also Ibsen's, Ovid's and Mister Roger's birthday.

Things to be very happy about: the long-vacant Eddie Bauer store front on Shattuck will now house Cody's Books! A high Berkeley kerfuffle (mostly planning commission and Letters to the Editors -letters to the editor always include the word "Shame!"-) ensued last year when Cody's closed its original store on Telegraph. Telegraph has really had a very sad downturn in the last decade, much like University Ave in Seattle. Cody's was tired of the urine, the shoplifting, the rent, the people sleeping on it's doorstep. This new location will be much better.

Here's an idea, you sign-shaking Berkeleyites: want a bookstore in your neighborhood? Throw your bookish business their way. Amazon is fine for somethings, but I try to buy my books locally even if all I can afford is used. Deep discounts on books is sweet, but I need a bookstore like I need the post office, a good baker, coffee and a local grocer.

Today is also the Long Awaited Day Ben's residency location is announced. Here's hoping Ben is destined for a place where when he's unloading the snow shovel from the UHaul his new neighbors wonder openly what the hell it is. Congratulations, again. What a trial, what a story.

New find: Burlesque Daily. Rah!

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Mnmom said...

I like to buy books locally too, mostly the used ones. And I'm a frequent library user. Whenever I've been forced to buy from Amazon I feel like I just voted Republican.