Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oakland is pretty quiet at 2:45 AM

Crap. Awake again at 2:00 AM. This usually leads to making brioche if I can't talk myself back to sleep. Curses! (Das Pussycat is not helping.)

On Friday, UC has bestowed its staff a short work week for Caesar Chavez's birthday (otherwise known as one-day of staff Spring Break). I have a great deal to resolve at work today.

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Linda 'K' said...

You're too young to be inducted into the hall of sleepy-time blues, a.k.a. them that don't get no 8 consecutive hours no time no how. Seems to hit a lot of us with menopause, but then menopause started for me at 37.... Ees a total drag - and amazing that you can lie there for THAT many hours telling yourself - "sleep just can't be that far off can it? Any minute now...." And then comes what I call "The litany of regrets" - as long as you're awake you may as well rake your whole life over the coals and castigate yourself for A through Z, right? Sheesh.... Sorry you are having lack of.....