Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nerd Alert

On the NPR nerdiness ticker WNYC's brilliant podcast Radio Lab this week flirts with my favorite subject: Laughter. Robert Krulwich is dead sexy.

But then again, under the title of Leiderhosen Approved and Irrefutably Hot: Groucho Marx, Gilda Radner, Buster Keaton, Our Familiar Intern, Bill Irwin... Sure, "lots of fish in that there pond" blah-blah-blah, but those who make me laugh until I can no longer stand and require a change of bloomers are the Gods I Bow To. Tell me the names of your Gods.

Unlikely Events: On the drive back from Stitches this last weekend, I calculated the retail cost per use of Jessica's Coach purse over a five year period. In my head. And for those who haven't met me yet, numbers are the very last thing I do. I would rather show up at all your houses in boardshorts and a tutu and clean all your windows, both sides.

Maybe it's the dwindling reserves of female hormones or over exposure at work from people who demand answers rightbloodynow. To make things worse, this book is looking awfully appealing. If I start knitting Klein Bottles, fucking shoot me. We have enough troubles and your windows need a polish.


Mnmom said...

What WAS that - the mobius strip of knitting? Things are just getting weird in the fabric world.
People who make me laugh till I need my inhaler include; Eddie Izzard, The Marx Brothers, WC Fields, Jim Gaffigan, Carlos Mencia, Louie Anderson, my husband, my friends Beth and Mary, and my sister-in-law's sister. Thank goodness the last 3 don't know each other or I'd have died of respiratory arrest by now.

michaelg said...

No numbers for you? I thought you were an excel jockey. I heart excel.
I'll shoot you if you knit a Klein bottle. 1. Why would anyone go to the trouble of knitting one? 2. Why the fuck would anyone in their right mind put it on their heads?? 3. Does the heat from the melon go up and get recycled back down the tube? I'm so confused.