Friday, February 01, 2008

At Week's End

Local News: The lovely ferocious women who protest outside the Marine Recruiting Station around the corner from my office in Berkeley every single day got a write up in the New York Times. I will say this: they get up early and go home late. And who the hell opens up a recruiting station in Berkeley?! Go, Ladies!

The Charming Jessica came over last night for Knitting Group. There is something about Lay-Z-Boys that really opens up conversations. The only analogy available might be that it is much like meeting the most fantastic person of your dreams... and they are wearing socks that don't match, torn pants and their hair that looks as if it were combed with an anteater. And clogs. The packaging may be atrocious, but if the goods themselves (the person, the recliner) are great they can make you feel utterly relaxed and open to all kind of good opportunities for everything else. Marvelous moments of revelation and intimacy can be found wedged in hideous upholstery.

The knitting genius and pattern creator Momma Monkey passed away last week after a long illness, which none of us in the knitting community knew about. MM made at least a dozen fantastic sock designs and distributed them widely to creative people, occasionally for charity but mostly without charge. Leading up to the publication of the last Harry Potter book, MM created four original sock patterns based on characters in the books. Below is Bellatrix:

The bloggers' over at The Daily Chum say it best, so I won't go into it here but we can appreciate that the internet exposes the generosity and creativity of some really extraordinary people.

Enough now: Have yourself a lovely sleep.
Madame L.

PS: The Getty is having a exhibition of Bernini work!! I am just so excited.

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