Friday, January 25, 2008

Workin' for the Weekend

It was a long and awful week. Once again, at the end of the day I think I've let something leak out of my mouth that was less than productive and maybe a little harmful. So now I sit here in my bathrobe, torturing myself by playing over some unfortunate possible consequences.

Thanks for all the advice on getting myself to sleep. I still awake up startled at 2:00 AM every single night but at least now there are scenarios that reset me back to a peaceful state.

So the niece and I have finally met; Jules was nice enough to force the introduction last weekend, complete with rocking chair and a sheet children song lyrics. Like all good things we started with Sam Cooke, moved on through contemporary musicals (no Sondheim!) with a layover in Wizard of Oz and a few spirituals and then onto "The Green Grass Grows All Around". We ended up with a rousing "99 Bottles of Beer". Taite Olivia dozed through the whole thing. Good sport, that one. Oly smells really nice.

My parents are... are...happy. Amazing. I thought they'd never be happy again and now they are all giggly. Giggly. Whodathought. Oly has divine timing. She's a Capricorn, so it figures.

Last weekend, before my visit with Jules and Taite Olivia, I had the opportunity to make risotto for my parents. In the midst of stirring and chopping I helped them with their grandparents book and got add my own more intriguing questions like: "What is your least favorite sound?" "What was your favorite food?" It was very James Lipton, but it was great fun. To my surprise, they candidly answered every thing I asked, including their favorite curse words. My Da has become an infinitely more agreeable character since he's had his new hearing aids.

More later, Sweet Ones. It's raining buckets so I want to get into bed, while I can still hear it falling on the oak tree outside.


Mnmom said...

I think my Dad's last years would have been so much more enjoyable had he agreed to get hearing aids. He was cranky cuz he couldn't hear and we were cranky for repeating everything 3 or 4 times, including the sentence "would you PLEASE get a hearing aid?!?"

kirelimel said...

Glad you're back and how wonderful you got to smell the baby!

It's good that your parents are happy. New babies have a way of healing and stealing hearts.

If it turns out you offended someone- just stuff their face with your delicious carmels and I know all will be forgiven and forgotten. They are just that delicious. We finished ours last weekend- we'd been savoring them and then decided to finish them off in a glutonous fit- thank you.

what could it be about 2am that is bothering you so...hope you sleep through the night soon.