Friday, January 18, 2008

Tax Deductions on Leather Pants

H&R Block commercial: flagrantly promoting lederhosen worldwide. I have not yet found a youtube of the commercial, but I found it hi-lair-eeee-us. And then there is the wardrobe fittings. Oh, I loves me some men in leather pants!

I love Alyssa Ettinger's knitware vases.

It seems the three fucknutts attacked by a tiger in San Francisco Zoo were not only antagonizing her, but stoned and drunk as well. Classy, guys. Here's an idea: go to Youtube and search for "Angry Cat" (there are thousands of videos). If there are any brain cells left in your skull, calculate housecat: seven pounds vs. siberian tiger: three hundred-fifty. Subtract domestication.

Am having a Grand Mal FreakOut at work. Still.


Mnmom said...

I saw it too!
And thought of you.

Ben-Bob said...

Lady M, as befits her zoological predilections, has been following the aftermath of the tiger incident in great detail. Nerdily, all I could think was "what antibiotic would one use for a tiger bite?"