Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh Joy! Monkeys and Media

Fillup Munkee now has his own show on bliptv!! Great happy burst of Joyous squeeing. All this from having someone shake a stuffed monkey in a toque at me. Whoever you are, oh thank you.

Thinking of streaming media and monkeys:
Years and years ago The Steven and I once had a great smashing loooov-lehy crush on an Australian streaming media DJ by the unlikely name of Cleo Glyde. She was red-headed, wore outrageous outfits and big glasses and knew what klezmer punk was. Huge Style. Great Fun. When she was online during her show which was usually in the US afternoon, we'd chat her up via IM and she'd play obscure Tom Waits and put on vicious little shows for the camera using whatever toys the studio had lying about. To me, she was beautiful just because she was silly and charming.

For all her outrageous worldly glamour being unleashed in that startup studio basement she was streaming from, she had not heard of sock monkeys. We were shocked. Shocked. Didn't the original Aussie settlers release rabbits, non-indigenous birds, etc.? Isn't it custom to then release a flock of evil sock monkeys and make the plague series complete?

And then the Grants went to work. We created our very own Cleo-ishous Monkey and I wish to god I had made photos of it. It was the most fashionably dressed entity in the Grant household, completed with a vintage necklace and a huge coilly mop of orange woolly hair. We then stuffed this girly monkey with good wishes and wedged her into a mailing envelope and sent her on to her new life with Cleo Down Under.

Whenever we'd catch Cleo online again she'd confront the camera as only a VJ glamazon can... making faces and shaking the monkey at us. It was always a good thing, seeing Cleo happy as a six year old. Her excellent music taste got me through more than a few miserable workdays and for that I am so grateful.

It's been years: the Aussie startup is long defunct and a we have lost track of Ms. Glyde, but Google confirms that some lovely someone under that moniker is a Marie Claire's Style Director (putting herself in curious circumstances for the sake of fashion) and for that the world must be a better place, a little less unafraid of 70's glasses and fuchsia. The fact that this funny and beautiful woman is going around making Californian uncomfortable -see the turban photos- makes me want to burst into song... and be Madame Leiderhosen with a vengeance. And a cocque boa.

Google also confirms the existence of sock monkeys.

I love the internet. How nice to have all these funny, charming, talented people fondly ensconced in my head that I have never met. How kind of them to have so unselfishly charmed me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

An Aside: Eddie Izzard has a new Show on the Discovery Channel: Mongrel Nation! Must find!

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