Monday, January 14, 2008

Awake Until Further Notice

I cannot yet figure out why I am not sleeping.

Unlike my twenties, I no longer try and move heavy furniture at 3:00 AM. This is a mostly a good thing, but it does mean that the capacity of interior decoration is unexercised and flabby. And Casa del Grant looks like a frat house, less beer signs and more fiber/yarn.

Work has become a bleak sea of paper and overdue requests: the perfect nightmare.
When I am terribly frustrated, sleep deprived and angry (and it is inappropriate to kick furniture) at work, I cry. This totally misrepresents paper rage and often elicits sympathy from the nearest co-workers, which is a really bad idea.

So here's the 8:03 PM plan: 2 oz Single malt (18 yr), 4 ounces of New Zealand blue and purple merino worked into a single ply, NPR's Wait Wait podcast and, if I run out of audio at any point, the lovely Carla Bruni's first album. (If you haven't had the pleasure, go listen to the the girl snuggling in with Sarkozy and the reason why the French are changing the Motto of the Republic to "Liberté, égalité, Beyoncé.")

Meanwhile: Dartmouth's Book Repair Manual. This is one of the very first useful thing I found online back in the 1990s. Can't tell you how much spine tape has been used.

If you think of it, post a comment about how YOU get to sleep. I'd be ever so grateful. Goodnight, my Beloveds.

And to close, another image of the little pusscat.


Ben-Bob said...

Try to remember how ephemeral those papers are. There's not an overdue request in the world that's worth one of your tears.

When I can't sleep and I need to, I go outside and look at the sky -- REALLY look at it -- stars, clouds, or whatever bits of it local meteorological and light pollution conditions allow. Then I lie down, close my eyes, and don't think of anything except the sky.

Keep the job in its box. Don't let it take over territory where it's got no business being.

Sweet dreams....

Mnmom said...

If I knew I'd advise, but being 46 I've entered the era of bad sleep. These things DON'T help:
Exciting books
Discussing anything serious

Hold that precious baby - that's at least a mighty stress reducer. And be sure to smell her head - therein lies all hope in the Universe.

kirelimel said...

I like to make sure that everything is off, no tv, no light, no kids, and then if I'm having trouble I imagine that it's morning and my alarm just went off- really, I try to imagine how tired I am when that happens and how I'd kill for five more minutes, once my head gets there I usually find I can drift off pretty fast.