Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When Yarn Fights Back and the Writers Strike...

For God's sake, give the Writers whatever they want! Otherwise it's belly dance and trapeze classes for everyone!

So the networks are almost out of scripts to shoot so here's the plan if we ever decide to watch TV again: we start with all the classic movies on TCM Network (starting with the Marx Brothers). Then it's the Grant Family International DVD Film Festival in the living room. The DVD player will be hacked for foreign region DVDs (love the internet!) and the US scoured.

When those run out of foreign films, we'll watch Mexican wrestling and make our costumes. Maybe we can work in a nap.
Applications for ushers, grape peelers and love slaves are now being accepted.

Without Writers, it's all a crapfest.

Ah, Ike Turner has passed. His reputation as a complete asshole contradicts my fondness for the song "Sexy Ida" but, honestly, it's all Tina. All the time.

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